Operating agreements

The following guidelines describe the principles which govern interactions among participants in the Servant-Leader Milwaukee roundtable.  These principles act as a guide in our interaction with each other as participants in the group.  These norms will be reviewed and revised periodically.


  1. The Servant Leader Roundtable is first and foremost a learning community. At no time is the group intended to be a source of sales leads for products or services.
  2. We recognize that a dollar spent with a Servant-Leader goes farther than a dollar spent elsewhere. With the knowledge that we will not be approached by members selling their goods/services we make reasonable efforts to proactively support the business and personal activities of our fellow Servant-Leaders.
  3. Ideas are presented as an invitation to mutual discussion and exploration.
  4. The discussion of issues, ideas, and direction will not become a personal attack or return to haunt you in the future.
  5. Practice and experience humility – each of us may not have all the answers.
  6. Listen first to understand, and don’t be dismissive of the input received when we listen.
  7. Share air time with others.  Recognize that different individuals are more or less comfortable in groups.
  8. Don’t go off /stay off topic for long.
  9. Keep confidentiality.
  10. If you have a problem with someone, calmly and respectfully address the problem directly with them.
  11. Expend the effort to practice all of these norms and to care enough about the roundtable and its work to confront each other, with care, compassion, and purpose, when a roundtable member fails to practice these norms.


April 26, 2017