Aligning our personal and professional lives

The following notes are a summary of a Servant-Leader roundtable held on Thursday, January 22 at the Mad Rooster Cafe in Milwaukee, WI. The roundtable gathers the fourth Thursday of each month and is open to all. The roundtable is free; breakfast is on your own. We will gather next month on Thursday, February 26 at 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.

The topic for the day was: Aligning our personal and professional lives.


  • We are always pulled by the practice versus the ideal, the intentional versus the flow of day to day events.
  • People are not always open to the language of Servant Leadership. Sometimes talking from the heart does not translate well into our professional life. People do not always resonate with soft skills in a competitive work environment.
  • We are like the chaos in the atom. Everything touches everything. We are challenged to keep perspective on our responsibilities to others.


  • We are challenged by the balance between the short term and the long term.
  • There are times when a leader is aware of something happening that can’t be shared with the followers. It creates pressure to be secretive.
  • We can be a catalyst for putting things in a positive perspective.
  • The day-to-day activities of life create opportunities for us to either recognize the many gifts we enjoy or to imagine how much greener the grass is on the other side of the street.
  • Balance in life is hard there is always a wobble but perspective brings us back to balance.
  • The balance between our personal and professional lives can seem like a seesaw at times. We draw upon those around us for support and strength but we need to ensure we reciprocate.
  • Attitude and action go together.


  • Servant Leadership is a life style rather than a program.
  • We make choices each day on how we will view the day.
  • We lead through actions. Example is a key to growth.
  • We play a critical role in the cultural environment we generate through the demonstration of our beliefs and values.
  • We all want a great year but a year is 365 days long. We can only live one day at a time. It is easy to get lost in the minutia but we start each day anew.

Author: Dan Lococo, PhD

I am a whole person called to engage with others as they realize their own wholeness. Service is the act of engaging with others on their journey to realizing their own wholeness. (December, 2013)

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